WBBL|06 Predictions – Round 1

(The high-profile portion of) cricket is wasting no time with cracking into action – within twelve hours of the AFLM Grand Final finishing, the sixth season of the Women’s Big Bash League is teeing off in Sydney – where the whole tournament will be held, thanks to a certain global pandemic. There’s a lot to watch out for this season, and many questions that we’re soon to be held – and our Elo ratings (and a few other statistical projects) will be included the whole way.

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AFLM Predictions – Round 1, 2020

It’s that time of year again, with everyone gearing up to see the start of the new AFLM season. Nothing, not even global pandemics, is set to get in the AFL’s way, as we’re set for a season full of twists, turns, and tips. Richmond are gunning to defend their title and enter themselves into ‘dynasty’ discussions, Geelong are looking to fight back after their spectacular late fadeout, and any number of teams are looking to bust into the finals like Brisbane did last year. And we’ll be here to try and predict it all.

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AFLW Predictions – Round 1, 2020

As part of the AFL’s quest for cultural dominance, and a general belief that this is just a curtainraiser for the ‘real’ footy, the AFLW season is teeing off tonight, far too early in February. The fans are excited, the media has been giving it enough coverage to make sure people are aware it’s happening, and the finest female footballers in the country are strapping their boots on, ready to give it a shake. As are we with our predictions – and we had a lot to do over the off season.

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WBBL|06 Predictions – Round 5

We finally got (most of) a game day in on Sunday, with only one game being abandoned! The three winning teams all had great boosts to their chances – the Thunder got an upset victory over the sketchy-looking Brisbane Heat, the Sixers comfortably beat the Renegades in a contest that wouldn’t have been as close without an impressive Georgia Wareham innings, and the Stars finally got a result from their season, beating Hobart.

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WBBL|06 Predictions – Round 4

Short post on this one due to time constraints. The major takeaway from last round is that the Hurricanes (more than any other team) will be cursing the rain, given they were on track for a big upset over the top-rated side that they now lose the chance for. The WBBL ladder is tightening now, but today’s winners (Perth and the Thunder) are tipped to join the Heat and Sixers in our final at this point.