WBBL|05 Elo Ratings – Matches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Elo Ratings ยท Win Chances

Here we go again – the fifth season of the Women’s Big Bash League is just around the corner, starting in about six hours as of the time I write this post. For the first time, the WBBL is operating as a completely standalone tournament, with its mid-October to early December fixture standing alone.

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WBBL|05 Elo Ratings – Semi-Finals

After a hard-fought, close home and away season, we’re up to the final stages of the fifth WBBL season. Four teams from four states have made the finals, with Brisbane hoping to defend their title and the three other teams hoping to win their first.

Before we get into the predictions, it’d be worth having a look at how our Elo ratings looked at the start of the season, and what they’ve become since.

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2019-20 W-League Predictions – Round 4

Our system continues to be incredibly pessimistic about the Western Sydney Wanderers, who are now 3-0 and still only tipped to finish sixth. If they can get another victory, they’ll a) continue to tank our predictions, and b) probably get right up in the leaderboard. Indeed, there’s two epic Sydney v Melbourne games coming up, both of which will be the biggest test yet for the undefeated Sydney sides.

WBBL|05 Elo Ratings – Matches 53, 54, 55, & 56

They’re certainly not making it easy for themselves, but the Melbourne Renegades are giving themselves every chance of backing up last season’s men’s title with a women’s league victory, bringing that trophy to Victoria for the first time. After letting their crosstown rivals in the Stars make 162, and falling to 2-17 after four overs, Jess Duffin (who else?) played an inspired innings to give the Renegades a victory and put them in the box seat to finish fourth.

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2019-20 W-League Predictions – Round 3

The two Sydney teams are flying at the top of the W-League table, and they’re illustrating another issue with our predictive system – it’s too slow to respond at the start of seasons. Hence why Sydney FC, who were a top side last year, are tipped to finish first, while the Wanderers – who also have a 2-0 record, but only earned four points last year – are projected to slide back to last.

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