WBBL|06 Predictions – Round 1

(The high-profile portion of) cricket is wasting no time with cracking into action – within twelve hours of the AFLM Grand Final finishing, the sixth season of the Women’s Big Bash League is teeing off in Sydney – where the whole tournament will be held, thanks to a certain global pandemic. There’s a lot to watch out for this season, and many questions that we’re soon to be held – and our Elo ratings (and a few other statistical projects) will be included the whole way.

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AFLW Predictions – Round 1, 2020

As part of the AFL’s quest for cultural dominance, and a general belief that this is just a curtainraiser for the ‘real’ footy, the AFLW season is teeing off tonight, far too early in February. The fans are excited, the media has been giving it enough coverage to make sure people are aware it’s happening, and the finest female footballers in the country are strapping their boots on, ready to give it a shake. As are we with our predictions – and we had a lot to do over the off season.

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WBBL|07 Predictions – Matches 10, 11, 12, and 13

Today’s Predictions
Adelaide Strikers 63.7% v 36.3% Hobart Hurricanes
Melbourne Stars 38.7% v 61.3% Brisbane Heat
Sydney Thunder 50.3% v 49.7% Sydney Sixers
Perth Scorchers 52.9% v 47.1% Melbourne Renegades

Not having the luxury of the MBBL to be played every night through the school holidays (although surely Friday night games should have been a scheduling consideration), the WBBL instead has to make use of days such as today, with all eight teams in action across two venues.

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WBBL|07 Predictions – Matches 6 and 7

Today’s Predictions
Melbourne Stars 60.6% v 39.4% Hobart Hurricanes
Brisbane Heat 57.3% v 42.7% Perth Scorchers

We had the first Super Over of the tournament on Sunday’s second game (which had been swapped in order from the first, presumably to cover the lockdown and giving the Scorchers more time to get into Hobart). Restricting Perth to 137, the Brisbane Heat would have no doubt been confident of picking up their form from WBBL|06, especially when they needed just 24 off the last five overs. Losing 2/4 threw the spanner in, though, and in a crazy finish with wickets aplenty, the scores ended up tied – in comes Sophie Devine, hitting two huge sixes in the super over to give the Heat a super over win.

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WBBL|07 Predictions – Matches 4 & 5

Today’s Predictions
Perth Scorchers 42.2% v 57.8% Brisbane Heat
Hobart Hurricanes 35.3% v 64.7% Sydney Sixers

The game that was closer on paper from yesterday actually turned out to be the less exciting one. Yes, the Hurricanes were able to push the Renegades out to the last over, but a run a ball was never going to be a strenuous chase. Meanwhile, the Strikers were able to recover from 4/46 with a strong partnership between captain Tahlia McGrath and young player Madeline Penna before tearing through the Thunder’s lower order for a convincing victory.

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WBBL|07 Predictions – Matches 2 and 3

Today’s Predictions
Melbourne Renegades 57.1% v 42.9% Hobart Hurricanes
Sydney Thunder 54.1% v 45.7% Adelaide Strikers

As we near the two year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, its influence on much of Australian life – including sports – remains clear to see. The seventh season of the WBBL does have eight venues being used, which you’d expect between the eight clubs each having a home ground, but there are plenty of signs stopping this from being a regular season. The teams are ready to move throughout the country, with no venues in either Victoria or New South Wales but games scheduled for such far flung grounds as Invermay Park, Launceston and Harrup Park, Mackay.

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers – AFC Third Round, Matchday 4

Things keep going worse for Japan, losing their second qualifier in three games in a 0-1 effort in Saudi Arabia. Tactically unable to push through, pressure is growing on coach Hajime Moriyasu and things could reach a peak later tonight if they lose to a still-undefeated Australia – something they’ve never done playing on home soil before.

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers – AFC Third Round, Matchday 3

Having been a month since the last games, we’ve had plenty of time to think over the results and see what should come from here. It looks like we have two very opposite options for Group A and Group B – the former is low-scoring and even, but with plenty of opportunity for the two clearly strongest teams to rise forward; the latter has already had the good teams establishing their dominance but looking difficult to split with each other.

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers – AFC Third Round, Matchday 2

At the risk of jumping the gun, the story of the first matchday was undoubtedly Oman, who looked like holding Japan to a 0-0 draw before getting a strike in the 88th minute to take the lead, and a 1-0 victory in Suita. Getting points in the bank early is always useful, especially when it’s the famously difficult away trip to Japan (it’s the first time the Samurai Blue have lost a competitive home game since 2017), and a follow-up victory against Saudi Arabia tonight could have the fans daring to dream.

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers – AFC Third Round, Matchday 1

After a few months off to watch the tail-end of the Euros and the Copa Am̩rica, plus getting back on board with their domestic clubs, the lure of international duty calls for twelve AFC countries. This is the big stage Рstrong, competitive football, with evenly matched teams striving to finish top two and make their way through to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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AFLM Predictions – Round 22, 2021

Despite the very exciting news that we’ll have an 18-team AFLW from the 2022-23 season, the men’s season rolls on (continuing to override press conferences and make people on Twitter mad with a single letter). And it’s very important, with space for changes all throughout the top eight, four, and one position (as well as a little bit of room at the bottom).

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