WBBL|06 Predictions – Round 1

(The high-profile portion of) cricket is wasting no time with cracking into action – within twelve hours of the AFLM Grand Final finishing, the sixth season of the Women’s Big Bash League is teeing off in Sydney – where the whole tournament will be held, thanks to a certain global pandemic. There’s a lot to watch out for this season, and many questions that we’re soon to be held – and our Elo ratings (and a few other statistical projects) will be included the whole way.

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AFLW Predictions – Round 1, 2020

As part of the AFL’s quest for cultural dominance, and a general belief that this is just a curtainraiser for the ‘real’ footy, the AFLW season is teeing off tonight, far too early in February. The fans are excited, the media has been giving it enough coverage to make sure people are aware it’s happening, and the finest female footballers in the country are strapping their boots on, ready to give it a shake. As are we with our predictions – and we had a lot to do over the off season.

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AFLM Predictions – Round 5, 2021

“A week is a long time in football”, as the saying goes, and it’s certainly been true this week. Less than seven days ago Richmond and Port Adelaide played out a Friday night thriller at the Adelaide Oval, but there’s been many football stories to have overshadowed that; from big upset losses for West Coast and Collingwood to discussion on the concussion rule and how it could impact a Grand Final player (our take: tough stuff).

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AFLW Predictions – Finals Week 2, 2021

The qualifying finals for the AFLW’s 2021 season lived up to the hype (with our predictions being fairly accurate, too). Melbourne comfortably beat Fremantle in the early game, with the Dockers still ruining the lost 2020 season, but the second match – a thriller between Collingwood and North Melbourne – had plenty of lead changes, excellent runs of plays, and just a six-point margin to close, making it one of the greatest AFLW games yet.

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AFLM Predictions – Round 4, 2021

Every season, in the early rounds, seems to have at least one day or week that completely blows your MAE apart and makes you doubt yourself as a tipster. For us, and the rest of the football models around the country, it was Round 3. On average, we were nine goals off the final margin for the games (and that includes the Thursday night match that we got within six points of), and the median error was 42 points. Three of the games we even missed by ten goal barriers – the record-breaking dismantling the Bulldogs did on North Melbourne, and the comprehensive upset wins by Sydney and Essendon.

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AFLW Predictions – Qualifying Finals, 2021

At risk of jinxing it, the fourth team to win an AFLW premiership are set to be crowned over the next three weeks, with the first ever final-six in the premier women’s competition. Six teams from four states (New South Wales are unrepresented) have qualified, with two qualifying finals to be played in Melbourne today to decide who passes through to next week’s preliminary matches.

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AFLM Predictions – Round 3, 2021

It’s not been a particularly fun week to be a Brisbane fan (or player, for that matter). First, on a Friday night in Geelong, a free kick to Zac Bailey that would’ve surely won the game – and was so blatant that the AFL literally apologised – wasn’t given, with the Cats making their way for a one point victory. Secondly, a coronavirus lockdown in Brisbane has led to the AFL changing the ground of tonight’s game on such short notice, with Collingwood set to become the home team for an Easter Thursday clash at Docklands Stadium.

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A-League Predictions – Matchweek 15a, 2021

Three months into the A-League season and we can finally say that we’ve jumped into the second half. Of course, the fixture is absolutely jam packed here, with scarcely any room for players and teams to breathe – as evidenced by this Easter weekend, with games for seven days straight and plenty of double-up matches scheduled for later in the season. The question has seemingly become whether Central Coast can continue to hang on to their unlikely first placed position, with just a one-point gap between them and Adelaide United.

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